Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle Services




Pictures & Video




  • Video
    Forward facing wide angle color camera (optional Infrared) 480 lines of resolution, 0.3 lux 120 Degree vertical tilt control Rearward facing black and white camera

  • Lighting
    Forward - Two 50watt max halogen lights (optional 80W infrared lights)

  • Propulsion
    Horizontal - Two thrusters with 75 mm propellers producing 153.6 in/lbs - Variable speed control for precision maneuvering Vertical - One thruster with 75 mm propellers 76.8 in/lbs each

  • Sensors
    - Compass
    - Pressure Sensor
    - Curent Limiting Sensor

  • Display
    - 15" LCD Video display for computer and ROV functions - Depth Guage Display - Compass Display

  • Controls
    - Joystick Controls - horizontal and vertical movement - optional grabber if installed - lights - camera tilt - toggle front and rear cameras if optional rear camera is installed

  • Controls
    - standard 250ft neutrally bouyant tether - Optional tether management provides a spool to keep the tether under control

    The system requires 110/120vac 50/60hz power.